Casino Art of Winston Churhill and a Big FAT cigar

Casino art of winston churchill with a cigar

Winston Churchill with FAT cigar in mouth - Casino Art

The casino is a cacophony of alluring stimulation such as flashing lights, ringing bells and clanging change. This is a kind of captivating communication that is telling people that the casino is a place of winning, in truth, most of the people in the casino are actually losing money. Even when the player is losing however the machine is still blaring out its happy tune and calling the crowds of people to come try their hand at this fun looking machine. The casino is a happy and gleaming place with a hypnotic glare to it, it is in fact hard to imagine that anyone could be losing money in this happy place. The casino is able to attract large crowds through its display of excess and dazzle. A casino generally has no inside windows as all of the stimulation is going on inside the casino and the casino does not wish players to have their eyes drawn to anything taking place on the outside.

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