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Giraffe Maze Party Puzzle

Thursday, November 21st, 2013
maze, giraffe is trippy

Psychedelic maze of a giraffe | Maze solution HERE

ipad casino banner stuffWe all love using facebook and enjoying the avatar that we choose for our profile pic. Whether you want to enjoy your own picture or you want to enjoy giraffes is up to you.  You can enjoy drawing a picture of a giraffe or of your family or you can enjoy putting up pictures of your friends. All of this is fun for you. On facebook recently, there was a riddle that included giraffes. The way that it works in the riddle is that a friend sends you the riddle and you try to solve it. If you get the riddle right then you get to keep your avatar on your facebook page. If you get the riddle wrong then you have to change your profile pic to that of a giraffe. You keep the giraffe picture for three days and then you can put the avatar that you had before back. Keep in mind that you can feel free to use any of these giraffe images for a profile pic, or find a wide selection of free giraffe pics HERE. Enjoy the opportunity to be unique on facebook by changing your avatar to show a giraffe. Have fun playing the riddle or changing the profile pic just for fun.

Sad Giraffe Maze Artwork

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Maze of a Sad Giraffe

maze of sad giraffe

The sad giraffe maze – maze solution found here

Other Versions of Maze of a sad giraffe

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artwork of sad giraffe mazesad giraffe maze

Hope you enjoyed these versions of the Sad Giraffe Maze –

Now, the Sad Giraffe Maze’s Solution

sad giraffe maze solution

Facebook Giraffe pics

Monday, November 4th, 2013

free facebook giraffe pic cute baby giraffeYou don’t have to go on safari to be part of the riddle going around facebook right now. The riddle says something like this. It’s 3 am and your doorbell rings with your parents silhouette avatar giraffestanding there. They want breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What is the first thing you do? You have to email the answer to your friend. Then, if you get the answer right, you get to keep your cute avatar and enjoy yourself on facebook with your own profile pictures. If, however, you don’t get the riddle right, then it’s time to change to the giraffe profile pics that are out there. And you can get more free giraffe profile pics at THIS link. You can enjoy changing your facebook profile pic around for a bit to one of the giraffe profile pics. It’s fun to play these social media games and to feel like you’re part of something bigger than you are and something exciting. And it’s always fun to see the types of comments people leave on your page about the riddle and why you didn’t get it right. Join in everyone’s fun right now by being part of the giraffe riddle and see how you do with it.

facebook giraffe in desert