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maze snail

Thursday, August 28th, 2014
maze snail

Maze of a snail | Maze Solution

The iPad casino is a one-stop shop for all types of mobile casino games, including mobile roulette and mobile Blackjack. And people who love iPad casino games can play them at home or on the go, anywhere they can find a connection to the Internet. Those who play at home have one significant advantage – they can create the optimal environment that they like for iPad roulette, iPad Blackjack, or a host of other iPad casino games. For many people, that means playing with their beloved pet cat in their laps. The cat sends out waves of good feelings to the owner, making it easier to play with more balance and harmony. The cat won’t make someone’s luck change for the better, but it might help the player take full advantage of the luck her or she has at the moment, good or bad. That’s particularly useful in games like mobile roulette because the player essentially decides how much risk he wants to take and bets accordingly. Pet owners have known for years that they get a lot out of the relationships with their cats. Now, the value has increased even more.

Snoring Zebra Maze

Sunday, July 20th, 2014
Maze of a snoring zebra

Snoring Zebra Maze | Yanito Freminoshi 2014 | Maze Solution

Playing Instadebit Casino Games along side your purring cat

Facilitating casino banking with InstaDebit provides online casino gamers with the knowledge that they are using a secure and reliable Internet banking service for their real money gambling needs. The InstaDebit casinos ebanking guarantees that gamers can enjoy download casino gaming, flash casino gambling, iPad casino playing and mobile casino competition in a safe and secure private environment. The Instadebit service will not pass any customer information onMeme of Sad Cat Instadebit Casino to any 3rd party and will not collect private information from its clients. A client’s financial information is protected via 24/7 monitoring as well as via the latest software firewalls. Clients are able to review all of their online transactions at any time and monitor those transactions while maintaining complete control of their account. To play real money casino games at the Instadebit casino, a player must first sign into his existing casino account on his PC, smartphone or tablet browser or on a public console’s Internet browser. After signing in the player will be asked to link his casino account to his preferred digital bank. This can be done by simply clicking the “Instadebit” logo on the casino’s banking page. Once the link has been established, all of the player’s deposits and withdrawals will be automatically facilitated via InstaDebit. Canadian players can conduct their casino banking transactions in Canadian dollars which enables them to make all of their deposits and withdraw their winnings in Canadian currency for any future desired purchases at online of offline vendors. The InstaDebit banking system is accessible to all players regardless of their gaming needs. Players can transfer their funds to the casino for table games such as baccarat, craps or roulette, card games including blackjack, poker or the blackjack and poker variations, lotteries which include scratch card, sic bo, bingo and keno or any of the three reel classic slot machines or five reel video slots. Gamblers who believe that the presence of a cat will bring them luck and good fortune can click into the casino and play directly on their browser mobile smartphone or tablet browser while their cat snuggles contentedly nearby. The online casino features a Free Mode were gamers can play any of their casino games for free to practice a new game’s rules, learn more about a game’s levels or refresh their knowledge of an old game. When the player is ready to play for real money prizes he simply clicks “Real Mode.”

Snoring Zebra Maze SOLUTION

Maze of Bulls Eye

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014
Maze of Bulls Eye

Yanito Freminoshi Bulls Eye Maze | Bulls Eye Maze Solution HERE

Maze of bullseye by Yanito Freminoshi

Free Maze Art for the world. Feel free to use this artwork for any and all purposes. You have the artists explicit permission.

Maze art of Steven Wright Quote

Monday, December 23rd, 2013
maze of steven wright quote

Maze quote of Steven Wright – Maze’s Solution

Roulette is meant to be played at a leisurely pace for maximum gaming enjoyment. The game of roulette is not like a maze or a crossword puzzle that is meant to be solved quickly. In fact one of the many advantages of the online casino is that the player is able to play casino games at his leisure with no added pressure from other players at the table. Players sitting down to enjoy a game of online roulette at the online casino should be in the right frame of mind. This means that you need to have patience and to spread out your wagers so that you can play for longer. Many players have adopted a playing strategy that is either based on some of the popular strategies that have been devised by mathematicians or physicists, or they enjoy playing using a strategy that they have devised themselves. Many of the formal strategies encourage players to place wagers on a group of numbers such as prime numbers or even numbers. There are also other strategies that focus on the percentage of the wager that should be placed. Although these strategies may give the player a degree of focus when playing, they are not effective in making sure that he will have a positive result every time that he plays. The house edge is always the same and your likelihood of walking away with a prize is too. This is why the Europeans got it right when they declared that roulette is a game best enjoyed in a leisurely manner.

Love At FIRST sight – The Maze

Thursday, December 12th, 2013
maze art of love at first sight

The hallucination and euphoria of Love At First Sight – The Maze – Maze Solution HERE

The ipad casino offers all that can be found at a main online casino. It may not offer the full range of online pokies and other casino games that are found at a main online casino but it does offer a very good selection of mobile pokies and other games. The ipad casino game is accessible immediately with no need to download the casino or game. Players access the ipad casino directly through the safari web browser and within seconds can be playing any of the ipad pokies for fun or real money. Of course the progressive mobile pokies cannot be played for fun because they are linked to other casinos but all of the other games can be played for fun or real money. When ready to place real money bets at the ipad casino, the banking section of the casino offers players a wide choice of deposit options that are secure and immediate. Amongst the different options offered players can find third party deposit options which they can register for separately or directly through the ipad casino and there are also major credit and debit card choices offered at many of the mobile pokies casino. The ipad casino game is a perfect solution for people who are busy and on the move the whole time but still want to enjoy the benefits and the excitement of the casino games.

Giraffe Maze Party Puzzle

Thursday, November 21st, 2013
maze, giraffe is trippy

Psychedelic maze of a giraffe | Maze solution HERE

ipad casino banner stuffWe all love using facebook and enjoying the avatar that we choose for our profile pic. Whether you want to enjoy your own picture or you want to enjoy giraffes is up to you.  You can enjoy drawing a picture of a giraffe or of your family or you can enjoy putting up pictures of your friends. All of this is fun for you. On facebook recently, there was a riddle that included giraffes. The way that it works in the riddle is that a friend sends you the riddle and you try to solve it. If you get the riddle right then you get to keep your avatar on your facebook page. If you get the riddle wrong then you have to change your profile pic to that of a giraffe. You keep the giraffe picture for three days and then you can put the avatar that you had before back. Keep in mind that you can feel free to use any of these giraffe images for a profile pic, or find a wide selection of free giraffe pics HERE. Enjoy the opportunity to be unique on facebook by changing your avatar to show a giraffe. Have fun playing the riddle or changing the profile pic just for fun.

Always bet on Prime (numbers)

Sunday, October 27th, 2013
primaze maze of prime number 53

Maze of prime number 53 maze artwork – Find the maze solution here

You’ve always had a hard time getting up in the morning. Some people just jump out of bed and are ready for the day, but the rest of us have to creak and moan a bit before we really get going. And that’s ok because you’ve created a routine banner for online casinothat lets you eventually get up and get moving. And it’s a fun one. First, you turn on your light by your bed and enjoy a crossword puzzle from the newspaper. You also add in a maze that you enjoy doing each morning from a site that you love online. These two activities get your mental powers going and allow you to start to wake up and focus. Without these activities and without the maze you just feel lost in the morning. Now, once you’ve gotten your brain going a bit, it’s time for some great roulette. You flip open your laptop and do your daily gaming. And you use prime numbers to enjoy the roulette game. You’ve always had a thing for math and prime numbers have a type of magic to them that you’ve never seen with any other numbers. You have ten prime number options and this is certainly enough to figure out what you want to do for roulette. It’s a great way to create consistently and a pattern in the gaming experience you have and to start the day off on the right foot before you head out there into the big wide world.

Kitty Manners

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Tear Drop Maze – Solution HERE

Playing casino games used to be a specialized activity that was limited to certain areas that were expensive to get to and required a lot of time. Now, you can play high quality online casino games in the comfort of your own home thanks to the advent of the online casino, which debuted more than a decade ago. By now, online casino games have become as common an activity as solving an online maze, doing a crossword puzzle, or playing one of the numerous video games available on the Internet. And since you’re playing at home, make sure you make the playing environment as comfortable as possible. Make sure you have a comfortable chair or desk for playing. You can wear your most comfortable clothes, and have all the snacks you want available at any point in your kitchen. But the most important element you might want to bring with you is one of your beloved pet cats. Pets, and particularly cats, bring psychological benefits to their owners, and many of those can turn out to be an advantage at the online casino. Having a cat in your lap while you play blackjack or roulette can help you avoid overly emotional responses. Too often, people make poor betting decisions because they are responding to the games with their emotions rather than their rational minds or their intuition. But having one of your cats in your lap can provide enough of a good feeling to lower the chances of that happening.

The Cat Correction Contemplation

Monday, July 29th, 2013

angry cat casino artYou’ve got a secret that you aren’t sure whether or not you should share with other people. Many people will think that you’re really crazy with this idea, but you swear that it really works. You’ve been one of those people who has been on every diet imaginable and you’ve never been able to lose the weight that you want to lose. And then you discovered the casino game world and nothing has ever been the same since. See, you like to cuddle with your cat in the morning and play your online pokies games and you like to cuddle after work and play some more online casino games. You used to get up to get yourself a snack in between commercials when you sat on the couch and watched tv with your cat. Now, however, the online pokies games are so exciting that you’ve completely forgotten about food and have not gotten up at all from your gaming. And this means that, each day, you lose a bit more weight and are able to feel even better about yourself. And you can do this while curled up with your cat and while having a blast at something you love to do. What a great combination for you.

Royal Baby Maze and Maze Solution

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Maze of the Royal Baby

It’s not hard to find entertainment if you want to find it. You always hear people saying that they are bored, but how can they be bored if they would just sit down with casino games and have a blast? With the online casino today, there really is no reason to ever be bored again. Boredom comes when you don’t have something to do and you don’t have something to look forward to. But with the casino games online today, there is always something to look forward to. You can curl up on your couch with your cat and enjoy roulette, slots, blackjack, poker and any other casino games that you want to play. You can have a blast anticipating the next game that you’re going to play and having fun getting ready for the online casino games that are coming your way. And all of this offers you a way to know that you’ll always have something fun to do when you need it and that you can always find a way to entertain yourself. Get more from your free time with this great secret.
Royal Baby Maze Solution by Yanito Freminoshi

Casino Maze and Short List

Sunday, July 21st, 2013
awesome maze of unibomber at sunset

Maze solution HERE

Whoever said that life isn’t a picnic definitely hasn’t seen your picnic basket or your online pokies. Life is always a picnic for you because you have an awesome picnic basket that lets you bring everything that you need to the picnic. And, as you have your picnic with your boyfriend, you can always pull out your online pokies games and play to your heart’s content. The two of you love sitting under a tree and playing casino game choices and seeing who will rank better or do better with the next game. First you take a turn and then he does, and you have a competitive time seeing who does better. You even bring your cat along to your picnic sometimes, and you don’t really worry about her running away since she loves being with you so much. You find yourself cuddling up on the blanket under the tree with your basket and your online pokies game and you know that there is nowhere in the world that you’d rather be. It’s all a blast when you play casino game choices and have a picnic on the weekend with a loved one.

The Casino Cat Op Art

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

What are some of your favourite things? It’s actually an interesting exercise to go around and to ask your friends to name four of their favourite things. Some people will pick foods and others will pick activities. Some people will say they love books and others will say they love ice cream. You will probably find quite a few who will say how much they love their cats (who wouldn’t) and who will say how much they love online casino games (who couldn’t?). These are all activities that keep you busy and keep you having fun every single time when you play. People love to have the rush of excitement that they feel when they play roulette or blackjack or poker. They get a sense of energy and accomplishment every time that they play and they feel the rush of excitement every time that they play. They can also play a huge variety of games since there are hundreds of games from which to choose and every time that they play they can enjoy something different. And, of course, they can play in the comfort of their own home while curled up with their cute cat. Nothing is more nurturing than enjoying time with a cute cat and enjoying time in the house doing something that you love. So, ask those friends of yours to name their four favorite activities and then sit back and wait for their responses. It will be very interesting to see what they have to say.
casino cat dreaming illusion op art