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Cats for a Casino Blog

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016



Why do gamblers compete for prize money? The hobby known as gambling has been a part of society ever since humans began to live together in families and communities. Anthropologists have found evidence that the ancients developed games from sticks, stones and other primitive implements in large empires such as Egypt, Babylon, China, Israel, Iraq and  India as well as smaller societies. Archaeologists have identified hieroglyphs which depict Egyptian Senet players. These writings date back to 3100 BCE.  A Senet game was even discovered buried in King Tut’s tomb.  During the same era Patolli was a favourite in the ancient Aztec civilization and Indians played the “Game of Twenty Squares” (Game of Ur) in southeast Asia. There were also games of Duodecem Scripta in Turkey, Latrunculi in Rome,  Mancala in many areas of Africa and Keno and Sic Bo in China. The evidence tells us that man’s drive to play games for prizes is as old as humankind. In many of these societies players searched for ways in which they would be able to increase their fortune by holding good luck charms and we can see this today as well as people grasp a rabbit’s foot of surround themselves with cat memes and other types of images of funny cats during real money gambling activities. This occurs regardless of whether the competitors are playing at a land-based casino, a PC online casino or at one of the top-ranked microgaming casinos. The Microgaming casinos give gamers access  to a wide range of the best casino games. The top casinos are generally seen as the best microgaming casinos since they feature hundreds of casino games which range from classic table and care games to the most popular variety games, online slots and arcade games. Some games are specifically for competitors who are looking for a game challenge that’s based on player luck. Other games involve elements of strategy, skill and player technique. If you’re looking for game that’s considered luck-based, gaming consultants suggest that you concentrate on simple spins-and-wins 3-reel slot machines. Another option is an instant-win lottery.  For a game event that will allow you to bring elements of  gaming expertise and decision-making into the session, check out a card game variation. There are lassic versions of poker and blackjack along with fun-filled variations that  include European Blackjack Gold – Redeal, Double Exposure Blackjack, European Blackjack Gold, 3-Card Poker, Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, Vegas Downtown Poker, Hi Lo 13 Blackjack, 3 Card Poker Gold – Single Hand, European Blackjack Gold,  3 Card Poker Gold – Multi Hand, Big Five Blackjack Gold, European Blackjack Multi Wheel Roulette Gold and more. Whatever your gaming choice, be sure that you have added the casino’s no deposit casino bonus promotions to your gambling event. Via the no deposit bonus packages you’ll be able to play more games for more time while collecting wins. Check the casino URL to determine the bonus packages for which you are eligible. New Microgaming casino players are eligible to collect a Welcome Bonus and veteran players will be awarded Loyalty Points, based on the number of games played and the level of the deposits.



iPad Cat-sino

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

cat on ipad casino

You’ll enjoy endless benefits when you play any of your favorite games at the online casino. You can play at your convenience for a few hours or even just for a few minutes, depending on your schedule. Researchers have been studying the phenomena of online gaming and have recently determined that online gambling releases “feel good” chemicals in the brain, dopamine and serotonin, which enhance sensations of pleasure. The action continues to reduce the player’s blood pressure, steady his heart rate and improve his sleep patterns,  creating an overall feeling of calm relaxation. According to scientists who have been involved in the research, these benefits are applicable for all gamers, regardless of which game they play, how long they engage in their gaming sessions or which of the casino enhancements — promotions, bonus rounds, tournament play, online jackpots — they access. Casino gambling allows people to use the pastime as a way of combining their luck with their gaming skills as they enjoy a relaxing interlude in between appointments, after a tense day at work or during a break while tending to home or family responsibilities. In addition home gaming is available via the Download Casino to ensure that a player doesn’t have to leave his cat at home as he enjoys his online casino fun. The online casino is open 24/7 to allow online gamers the opportunity to enjoy a top quality gaming experience from the comfort of their own home as they access any of the parlor games, table games, online lotteries or online slot machines.

Online Casino CAT

Sunday, April 7th, 2013
casino illusion of cat ready to scratch

Play online casino with a cat on the lap, but avoid getting scratch by said casino cat.

Imagine that you’ve just finished a night work shift and are shifting into “relax” mode before you head off to a well-deserved sleep. The cats have eaten and are prowling around the house, waiting for you to lay down before they curl up on the bed next to you. You’re drowsy, but still not quite ready to call it a night. The only programs on TV are the reruns of the reruns and you’d like to enjoy another half hour or so of calming fun before you head off to sleep. What are your options? If you enjoy some gambling energy you know that you have 24/7 online casino access where you can play real money casino games at your leisure. So tuck the wandering cat into your lap and turn on your desktop or laptop computer for some enjoyable online gaming entertainment. You can find a wide range of casino games at the Internet casino including numerous variations of blackjack and poker as well as online lotteries, table games such as craps, baccarat and roulette and hundreds of three-reel classic slot machines and five-reel video slot machines. You can even join an online tournament or a progressive jackpot which offer additional options for online excitement. The tournaments and jackpots present interactive casino action that enables you to join special competitions that connect players from around the world in unique gaming challenges. If you have a mobile device you can even lay in bed while you play mobile casino games on your smartphone, WAP featurephone or tablet device.

Mobile Casino Table Games

Thursday, June 21st, 2012
Concave and Convex Casino shapes

The highs and lows of casino art

No casino would be complete without the classic table games. At the mobile casino players can find a number of the classic table games. These include Roulette and Blackjack. Roulette can be found at the ipad casino and iphone casino, it is a classic table game. The Roulette wheel is reproduced fantastically despite the small screen, thanks to the high definition graphics of the Apple devices. In addition to the smart spinning wheel players can easily see the betting grid on a plus green felt where they can place their bets. The Blackjack game at the mobile casino is also on a plush green felt table and the cards which are placed face up are very clear to see on the small screens of the ipad and iphone. With the touch controls, playing these games at the mobile casino gives players the feeling of being even more involved.

psychedelic casino cat

Cats and Casinos are both Curious