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Maze of the Angel Cat

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014
Cat Maze Yanito Freminoshi

Angel Cat Maze Art | Maze Solved

Gemini Maze

Monday, January 27th, 2014
Gemini Maze

Maze of the Gemini | by Yantio Freminoshi | Maze’s Solution HERE

Suprised Cat MemeThere is a saying that you should count your lucky stars, and this is definitely true when you’re enjoying ipad casino games and figuring the games out based on astrology. If you are into the stars and the zodiac, then you know that there are many ways to make predictions about how you’ll do today and how your future will look. And these predictions can be about big things like when you’ll get married and whether you’ll win the lottery. But they can also be about little things like whether or not you’ll hit the mark with your online casino game today and whether you’ll be luckier Justin Bieber Suprised Cat MEMEwith one game or another. All of this can add up to a great way to count your lucky stars and to decide which games to play, how to play them and for how long to play them. Think about it. If you’re a Gemini and your chart says today that the stars are not aligned for you and you shouldn’t do anything dramatic, then you might not want to gamble today. Today might be a good day to play in demo mode or not to play at all. And then tomorrow the zodiac might have something different to tell you.

Solution of the Gemini Maze

Maze of Terrorfied Cat

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
golden frightened cat of gold maze

Maze of Golden Fright Cat | Maze Solution Here

Are there advantages to using prime numbers to solve mazes or other mathematically based gaming such as roulette? It’s a great question. But the answer is not simple. Prime numbers can only be achieved by themselves. In other words, unlike composite numbers — which are based on combination of other whole numbers, the prime numbers stand on their own. So if the maze involves achieving a numerical result through combining numbers, then relying on primes would be a bad move. However, in a game like roulette, there is a statically equally chance of any number being the one called. Even the zero space has the same probability as a numbered space. So you can see how an excessive reliance on prime numbers will not convey an advantage when gaming similar types of games. However, here’s the catch. It does not have a disadvantage either. And if the probability is the same, then you do need a way to make sure that your decisions are consistent. If you pick a seven every round, it should come up within thirty-six spins (thirty-seven with the versions that have a double zero space.) So picking only prime numbers gives you a variety but also a way to keep track of your picking history. That is why despite the statistical equality, you will find gamers who use the strategy of only using prime numbers for roulette, mazes, and other mathematical based games. It really is more a personality driven equation than anything that can be scientifically proven. And you can try out the method on all sorts of games that have a mathematical basis and can involve the selection of prime numbers or composites. Think of it this way: if a game has ten possible outcomes that are numbered sequentially, then there is a forty percent chance that the outcome will be prime. So in most, but not all cases, the answer will be composite. And this factor increases if there are more than ten possible outcomes. The bottom line is that the more possibility, the less a chance that a prime number will be selected. So keep in mind that you may even want to pick the outcome that is NOT based on a prime number. But trial and error is the best method to determine whether you should use such a strategy or not.

The Cat Maze Casino Case

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Cats are cute. There is no question about the subject. A cat may be the cutest pet there ever was. But cats are more than just cute. They are also useful. How can a pet cat be useful? Well, they have an interesting ability to help their owners remain calm and relaxed in the most stressful situations. Take a guy who is playing online casino games. Or a woman playing mobile casino games. When you play these real money games, there is a lot of excitement and a lot of nervousness. After all, on every spin, throw, or deal, you could win or lose real money. If you pet a cat at the same time you are playing, you will remain grounded and in a state of calm. You will relax and be able to focus on the game and play the best that you can. While this may not make you a winner each time, it does mean that you will be playing the best you can and less likely to make simple mistakes. So while your cat may be cute, he can also help you play and get more enjoyment out of high stakes (or even low stakes) casino games.

Maze of Sunset Drive – Maze Solution HERE

Super hero Kitty

Monday, June 24th, 2013

kitten super hero on ipad casino carpetUnlike dog owners, those who own cats must constantly think of ways to interact with their pets. Dogs need to go for walks. They like to play ball or catch a frisbee. These things are completely unnecessary and foreign to cats. Many cats are fine being left alone. But the fact is that they do crave the right attention. No, they don’t want to play fetch. But what cat doesn’t like to be stroked sitting on his owners lap? What cat does not like to be a part of what his owner is doing. Even watching television or playing online casino games can be enjoyable if you work the cat in. For example, play casino games on your iPad. The reason is that there are no buttons that need to be clicked when playing iPad casino games. There are no control of any kind that require a human touch. The iPad screen is touch sensitive. That means that even a cat’s paw can operate it. Take a simple game like slots. Once a bet is set, the only action required is that someone taps the spin tab. Well that can be your cat. Even with your help, the cat will enjoy watching the reels spin, especially if he knows that he is the reason they are moving. And cats do know when they have won.

Mobile Casino Fun

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

casino style cat op art fightWhen the kids are finally in bed at night, you breathe a big breath of relief and you get ready for your fun evening. Your awesome evening includes playing mobile casino games. These games range from roulette and slots to blackjack and poker and you can play them directly from your hand-held device. This is so awesome because you have an iPod, iPad and Android and you can go back and forth and enjoy paying mobile casino games from any of these mediums that you want. What flexibility and fun. And, you can get into bed if that’s where you like to play, and play with your cat at your side. You love cuddling up to your cat and enjoying a warm evening by her side, and your cat loves it as well, of course. And when you play the mobile casino games, you can do so with your cat and with your favorite platform. Enjoy playing from your iPod next to your cat in bed and then switch to your iPad if you’re going to hang out in the family room for a bit. Enjoy more Android games when you’re sitting in the kitchen or about to be on the go. All of this offers you an awesome way to enjoy it all with the mobile casino. Get more from your evening after the kids are in bed so that you can enjoy yourself exactly as you like to do so.

Blackjack the cat plays

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013
ipad casino cat

Cat playing on the ipad casino

There are no queues at an online casino, no waiting in line and no interference from other players. In fact playing chosen online casino games at an online casino is an ideal setting for many players. There are no restraints on the player and he can choose which games he wants to play and when he wants to play them , how much he wants to bet on each game and if he wants to place real money bets at all. The player is free to peruse the casino and try out as many games as he wants before placing real money bets and when placing real money bets he can also benefit from an incredible choice of special bonuses, promotions and daily bonus offers that will enhance his game. At the online casino the player is not restricted in any way with regard to his actions and therefore can pet his cat at the same time as making a move in a game of iPad Blackjack or when choosing which cards to hold and which to discard in a game of video poker. The repetitive action of petting a cat is actually very beneficial to every online casino player and helps him make decisions with a calmer frame of mind.

The Casino Cat Op Art

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

What are some of your favourite things? It’s actually an interesting exercise to go around and to ask your friends to name four of their favourite things. Some people will pick foods and others will pick activities. Some people will say they love books and others will say they love ice cream. You will probably find quite a few who will say how much they love their cats (who wouldn’t) and who will say how much they love online casino games (who couldn’t?). These are all activities that keep you busy and keep you having fun every single time when you play. People love to have the rush of excitement that they feel when they play roulette or blackjack or poker. They get a sense of energy and accomplishment every time that they play and they feel the rush of excitement every time that they play. They can also play a huge variety of games since there are hundreds of games from which to choose and every time that they play they can enjoy something different. And, of course, they can play in the comfort of their own home while curled up with their cute cat. Nothing is more nurturing than enjoying time with a cute cat and enjoying time in the house doing something that you love. So, ask those friends of yours to name their four favorite activities and then sit back and wait for their responses. It will be very interesting to see what they have to say.
casino cat dreaming illusion op art

Online Blackjacks

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

top of the world, cat op artGamblers have traveled to brick-and-mortar casino sites for hundreds of years. Blackjack has been a casino staple since the 18th century where it became a casino favorite from the moment that it was introduced. Players have always enjoyed a quality gaming experience at land-based casinos though outlays of time and money limited the casino fun to those who could spare that kind of money. Today the online casino provides the same sense of exhilarating thrills to millions of gamers from throughout the world. Players can access any of their favorite blackjack variations when they play at the Download Casino including Perfect Pairs Blackjack, High Streak Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack and Triple 7s Blackjack. Each exciting version of the game offers a new challenge with varying options for multi-hand play, doubling down, taking our insurance or holding the dealer to a specific set of rules. All of the blackjack games however present multiple opportunities for gamers to settle down with their cat and join the blackjack competition to the lulling sounds of the cat’s purrs and the blackjack game’s shouts of excitement and applause. Some gamers take up the blackjack hobby because their medical professional has directed them to relax for their health. The soothing and calming effects of gaming are, many players feel, more effective than the pharmaceuticals that are often prescribed to help people relieve the pressures of everyday life. The online casino offers gamers the opportunity to play online blackjack at any time of the day or night at its 24/7 venue.

The Cat On The Blackjack Casino Art

Monday, April 29th, 2013
cat sense of smell psychedelic op art

The Casino Cat Can Smell Luck

Cats and other domestic pets are known not just for their unconditional love but also the fact that they are very healthy. Cats in particular help with lowering blood pressure and stress levels in their owners that pet them and keep them close on their lap or on the desk next to them as they work. When playing online blackjack, a players stress levels can raise sky high as he decides whether to draw another card or stand with the cards that he is holding. Whether to take out insurance when the dealers upturned card is an Ace or when to double down and so on. These decisions can be very stressful for any player and the right or wrong decision will be the making or breaking of the game. A player who has a cat on his lap while deciding what move to make not only is calm and reduces his stress levels but also can make a better decision because of his calmer state of mind. The cat is quiet and inconspicuous and when playing at an online casino does not harm anyone, whether he is sitting on the players lap or on the desk next to the computer or just on the floor close by, his presence is welcome and calming. Being able to have a cat close by when making crucial decisions in a game of online blackjack is not something to take for granted especially as it would not be possible at a land based casino.

Online Casino Cat Op Art

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

leaping kitten casino op artThe choice of online casino games at an online casino is outstanding. Whether playing at a casino that needs to be downloaded i.e. the traditional online casino or one that is in flash mode, with no need to download i.e. it is played directly from the web browser of the online casino. There are many different types and styles of casino games to try out, from standard three reel slots to progressive slots, different variations of the popular table games such as blackjack and roulette and then many other less well known games. All of these games can be prewired online and apart from the progressive games, they can also be played for fun before committing real money to the game. But none of these extras can guarantee a win and sometimes the player may even get more stressed when playing the real money games. One way to reduce the stress levels of the player and increase his calmness is to have a cat or kitten close by. Cats and kittens are known for their luck and in many cultures are considered a lucky charm. In addition the action of petting or stroking a cat is very calming; known to reduce blood pressure and increase the natural serotonin that the body produces which in turn increases the general well being and good feeling of a person. Having a cat close by while playing online casino games is definitely recommended and something that would never be allowed at a land based casino.

Purrrrrfect Casino Partner

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

leap ready kitten casino catThey’re called the casino cats, but you won’t find them in any land-based casino. In fact, you can’t even get in the door of a land-based casino with one of these cats. But when it comes to playing online casino games, these animals are more useful than a seeing eye dog taking his owner through an obstacle course. That’s because studies have shown that petting a cat while playing online casino games can actually help a player remain focused and in control. Unlike playing real money casino games — which can elevate heart rate and adrenal glands, petting a cat helps set the pulse back to a normal range. When you are in the middle of a close game with high stakes, you want something to help you keep calm. A land-based casino might offer you a free drink. But that’s because they are not that interested in helping you keep calm. They want you to get emotional and make mistakes. They would rather keep their money. But at home, you can put down the gin and tonic and pick up the cat instead. This will actually help you calm down and stay in control. And unlike the land-based casino, your cat wants you to win. She wants you to be happy and buy that brand new scratching post. She wants the gourmet cat food that you always tell her is too expensive. So use the casino cat method and play to your heart’s content only online.