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Know Mo’ ‘Bout Mozart’s Crush on Casino and Cards

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

decadent king louis xiv meme re: positions
Just like France’s King Louis XIV (pictured above), everyone knows Wlfgang Amadeus Mozart. That’s because he was larger than life as a composer of music. His music is still played today all over the world.

That’s because it is timeless, and Mozart understood timeless things. He probably learned quite a lot with his nightly visits to parties where they danced, played music, and gambled all night long. You see, for thousands of years, gambling was entertainment. It was, in fact, some of the only entertainment available to people, and Mozart loved it.

He loved reveling in cards and gambling. He would have loved online games like video poker or blackjack, allowing him to play well past the bed times of his friends – for which he was notorious at outdoing at every moment. He wouldn’t have had to stop when everyone was asleep. Being the genius that he was, he often worked until dawn, and needed frequent breaks.

That’s why he would have loved to relax every now and again with some online casino games, so that he wouldn’t have to get frustrated because nobody else was awake to help him entertain himself, as he might have done, if only he had access to Australia’s best pokies online as do the visitors of this site. Yes, he was a well rounded fellow and we still remember him today and still play his beautiful music.