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Why Winners and Losers of Poker Are Just A Bonaparte

Monday, August 12th, 2013

In Poker, You and I are only 1 Bone Apart

Napoleon Bonaparte astride his rearing white horse, holding up his poker hand minus the cards

The French poker hand that believed the divine blessed and cursed

Napoleon took over the French court and loved its traditions. In fact, Napoleon was a traditionalist, which meant keeping the traditions of the French court alive. That’s why he loved to play games like the ones on review here.

The French loved games of chance, and they still do of course. Dice and cards were preferred, and it was common to retire to the salon after a dinner to play such games – which is where we get our word “Saloon”. There, they played poker and blackjack, and other kinds of games including what later became craps.

Can you imagine how Napoleon would have enjoyed online slots or mobile poker? It would have made his day. It was just the sort of thing which would have entertained him to no end for him and his friends.

Taking risks and gambling was second nature to him, and I’m sure that he would have loved playing that sort of game whenever he got the chance. Imagine how useful mobile casino games would have been for him when he was on the move with his army at all times of the day or night. He would have had the opportunity to while away the late hours of the night with such great fun without needing to round up a whole bunch of people just to sit down and have a little entertainment.