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Super hero Kitty

Monday, June 24th, 2013

kitten super hero on ipad casino carpetUnlike dog owners, those who own cats must constantly think of ways to interact with their pets. Dogs need to go for walks. They like to play ball or catch a frisbee. These things are completely unnecessary and foreign to cats. Many cats are fine being left alone. But the fact is that they do crave the right attention. No, they don’t want to play fetch. But what cat doesn’t like to be stroked sitting on his owners lap? What cat does not like to be a part of what his owner is doing. Even watching television or playing online casino games can be enjoyable if you work the cat in. For example, play casino games on your iPad. The reason is that there are no buttons that need to be clicked when playing iPad casino games. There are no control of any kind that require a human touch. The iPad screen is touch sensitive. That means that even a cat’s paw can operate it. Take a simple game like slots. Once a bet is set, the only action required is that someone taps the spin tab. Well that can be your cat. Even with your help, the cat will enjoy watching the reels spin, especially if he knows that he is the reason they are moving. And cats do know when they have won.

iKitten on iPad

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

ipad casino magic ride for hero kittenMaybe cats know something that we need to learn. Felines seem to know instinctively how to relax and turn any situation into a leisurely opportunity for some calm stretching and napping. According to health researchers, people living in today’s high pressured world need to access that same sense of tranquility in order to bring balance into their lives that become overwhelmed by home and work responsibilities. Counselors and therapists suggest a variety of strategies to encourage individuals to unwind including watching TV programs, reading books, exercising and meditating. Meditating can be boring however, good TV and movie options aren’t always available and exercise demands energy that most people don’t have after a rough day at work. Online gaming is quickly gaining notice as the newest and most effective activity to promote serenity and reduce stress. iPhone owners can access all of the casino games directly on their iphone device at any time and from any location. The iPhone casino offers high quality gaming events that feature vivid graphics, compelling animations and a sound track of themed music and casino applause and shouts that creates an authentic Las Vegas casino adventure. iPhone casino game options include card games, lotteries, table games and both three-reel slot machines and five reel slots.

Universally accepted online casino games

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

kitten lawyerPlaying online casino games at the Wild Jack Casino is all about having a great time. When players first join the online casino, they usually begin by spending time with games that they are familiar with from their time spent at the land based casino. After this they will often move on to safe games that are easy to learn such as the games of slots and roulette. The great advantage of playing slots games is that there are so many different varieties and they all follow the same basic rules so that the player does not have to start learning a list of rules every time he tries a new slots game. The player is able to push his enjoyment level even further if he takes the time to learn new games with a new set of rules. Often at a land based casino the player is hesitant to try his hand at one of the more seemingly complicated games as the game play may be too fast and he may be afraid to make a mistake or draw too much attention to himself in front of the crowd. At the Wild Jack Casino the player can take his time, learn the rules of the game and then even try out the game for free until he really gets the hang of it and begins to play for real money.
sheriff cat

The Cat On The Blackjack Casino Art

Monday, April 29th, 2013
cat sense of smell psychedelic op art

The Casino Cat Can Smell Luck

Cats and other domestic pets are known not just for their unconditional love but also the fact that they are very healthy. Cats in particular help with lowering blood pressure and stress levels in their owners that pet them and keep them close on their lap or on the desk next to them as they work. When playing online blackjack, a players stress levels can raise sky high as he decides whether to draw another card or stand with the cards that he is holding. Whether to take out insurance when the dealers upturned card is an Ace or when to double down and so on. These decisions can be very stressful for any player and the right or wrong decision will be the making or breaking of the game. A player who has a cat on his lap while deciding what move to make not only is calm and reduces his stress levels but also can make a better decision because of his calmer state of mind. The cat is quiet and inconspicuous and when playing at an online casino does not harm anyone, whether he is sitting on the players lap or on the desk next to the computer or just on the floor close by, his presence is welcome and calming. Being able to have a cat close by when making crucial decisions in a game of online blackjack is not something to take for granted especially as it would not be possible at a land based casino.

Cat Casino Op Art

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

opart op art of cat watching ballIf you’re looking for a new and creative way to enjoy yourself after work, we’ve got a great recommendation for you. You can have a great time in the comfort of your own home while enjoying your surroundings and your cuddly cats. Here’s the idea. Rather than going out to the land based casino and finding parking, paying for your gas, finding a place to stay overnight, paying for that overnight stay and battling with noisy patrons, you can enjoy online casino games at home. Think about the difference. You can sit in your pajamas in your bed while cuddling with your adorable cats. Listen to your kitten purr and enjoy online casino games. These games don’t include any extra expenses other than the game costs, unlike the land based casinos. You can play late into the night without worrying about where you’ll sleep since you’re already home. And you can enjoy amazing entertainment from the hundreds of game offerings they have. Your cat, as well, just might bring you luck. In many cultures, cats are seen as bringing luck and this means that you can actually enjoy these awesome games while getting luck from the cats that are cuddling on your lap. All of this creates the best possible world for you every time that you play. Enjoy your games and have a wonderful time with online casino games and your cats.

Purrrrrfect Casino Partner

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

leap ready kitten casino catThey’re called the casino cats, but you won’t find them in any land-based casino. In fact, you can’t even get in the door of a land-based casino with one of these cats. But when it comes to playing online casino games, these animals are more useful than a seeing eye dog taking his owner through an obstacle course. That’s because studies have shown that petting a cat while playing online casino games can actually help a player remain focused and in control. Unlike playing real money casino games — which can elevate heart rate and adrenal glands, petting a cat helps set the pulse back to a normal range. When you are in the middle of a close game with high stakes, you want something to help you keep calm. A land-based casino might offer you a free drink. But that’s because they are not that interested in helping you keep calm. They want you to get emotional and make mistakes. They would rather keep their money. But at home, you can put down the gin and tonic and pick up the cat instead. This will actually help you calm down and stay in control. And unlike the land-based casino, your cat wants you to win. She wants you to be happy and buy that brand new scratching post. She wants the gourmet cat food that you always tell her is too expensive. So use the casino cat method and play to your heart’s content only online.