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i Love Maneki Neko

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

maneki neko cat very good luckYou’re in between jobs at the moment and trying to figure out how to keep yourself busy. Obviously, you’re looking for work, but there are other hours in the day when you don’t have to look for work and you really have nothing to do. And then you discover that you can fill your time with some great enjoyment at the ipad casino. The ipad is always at your side anyway. You’ve got all of your job materials on it, you use it for surfing the web, you use it for looking up contacts and for everything else. Now, you can use it for some great fun as well. When you are in a coffee shop in between job interviews, you can pull out the ipad, play ipad casino games and have a rush of fun and excitement that will pump you up for the next interview. And, when you’re home, you can unwind after a day of job hunting by cuddling with your cat and playing awesome ipad casino games. All of this adds up to fun and excitement for you each time that you play and you love having that time to yourself and the ability to entertain yourself when you want to do so. It’s not the worst thing in the world pounding the pavement for jobs as long as you know you’ve got your entertainment at your side and you’re ready to go when you want to enjoy.
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The Cat On The Blackjack Casino Art

Monday, April 29th, 2013
cat sense of smell psychedelic op art

The Casino Cat Can Smell Luck

Cats and other domestic pets are known not just for their unconditional love but also the fact that they are very healthy. Cats in particular help with lowering blood pressure and stress levels in their owners that pet them and keep them close on their lap or on the desk next to them as they work. When playing online blackjack, a players stress levels can raise sky high as he decides whether to draw another card or stand with the cards that he is holding. Whether to take out insurance when the dealers upturned card is an Ace or when to double down and so on. These decisions can be very stressful for any player and the right or wrong decision will be the making or breaking of the game. A player who has a cat on his lap while deciding what move to make not only is calm and reduces his stress levels but also can make a better decision because of his calmer state of mind. The cat is quiet and inconspicuous and when playing at an online casino does not harm anyone, whether he is sitting on the players lap or on the desk next to the computer or just on the floor close by, his presence is welcome and calming. Being able to have a cat close by when making crucial decisions in a game of online blackjack is not something to take for granted especially as it would not be possible at a land based casino.

Online Casino Cat Op Art

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

leaping kitten casino op artThe choice of online casino games at an online casino is outstanding. Whether playing at a casino that needs to be downloaded i.e. the traditional online casino or one that is in flash mode, with no need to download i.e. it is played directly from the web browser of the online casino. There are many different types and styles of casino games to try out, from standard three reel slots to progressive slots, different variations of the popular table games such as blackjack and roulette and then many other less well known games. All of these games can be prewired online and apart from the progressive games, they can also be played for fun before committing real money to the game. But none of these extras can guarantee a win and sometimes the player may even get more stressed when playing the real money games. One way to reduce the stress levels of the player and increase his calmness is to have a cat or kitten close by. Cats and kittens are known for their luck and in many cultures are considered a lucky charm. In addition the action of petting or stroking a cat is very calming; known to reduce blood pressure and increase the natural serotonin that the body produces which in turn increases the general well being and good feeling of a person. Having a cat close by while playing online casino games is definitely recommended and something that would never be allowed at a land based casino.