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Know Mo’ ‘Bout Mozart’s Crush on Casino and Cards

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

decadent king louis xiv meme re: positions
Just like France’s King Louis XIV (pictured above), everyone knows Wlfgang Amadeus Mozart. That’s because he was larger than life as a composer of music. His music is still played today all over the world.

That’s because it is timeless, and Mozart understood timeless things. He probably learned quite a lot with his nightly visits to parties where they danced, played music, and gambled all night long. You see, for thousands of years, gambling was entertainment. It was, in fact, some of the only entertainment available to people, and Mozart loved it.

He loved reveling in cards and gambling. He would have loved online games like video poker or blackjack, allowing him to play well past the bed times of his friends – for which he was notorious at outdoing at every moment. He wouldn’t have had to stop when everyone was asleep. Being the genius that he was, he often worked until dawn, and needed frequent breaks.

That’s why he would have loved to relax every now and again with some online casino games, so that he wouldn’t have to get frustrated because nobody else was awake to help him entertain himself, as he might have done, if only he had access to Australia’s best pokies online as do the visitors of this site. Yes, he was a well rounded fellow and we still remember him today and still play his beautiful music.

Why Winners and Losers of Poker Are Just A Bonaparte

Monday, August 12th, 2013

In Poker, You and I are only 1 Bone Apart

Napoleon Bonaparte astride his rearing white horse, holding up his poker hand minus the cards

The French poker hand that believed the divine blessed and cursed

Napoleon took over the French court and loved its traditions. In fact, Napoleon was a traditionalist, which meant keeping the traditions of the French court alive. That’s why he loved to play games like the ones on review here.

The French loved games of chance, and they still do of course. Dice and cards were preferred, and it was common to retire to the salon after a dinner to play such games – which is where we get our word “Saloon”. There, they played poker and blackjack, and other kinds of games including what later became craps.

Can you imagine how Napoleon would have enjoyed online slots or mobile poker? It would have made his day. It was just the sort of thing which would have entertained him to no end for him and his friends.

Taking risks and gambling was second nature to him, and I’m sure that he would have loved playing that sort of game whenever he got the chance. Imagine how useful mobile casino games would have been for him when he was on the move with his army at all times of the day or night. He would have had the opportunity to while away the late hours of the night with such great fun without needing to round up a whole bunch of people just to sit down and have a little entertainment.

Maze and Maze Solution – Diamond in the Sun Maze

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Behold! The Maze of the Diamond in the Sun

yanito freminoshi diamond sunrise maze

There is nothing that can compare to the excitement of playing a casino game, especially when you’re in the throes of an extended winning streak. Every spin of the slots reels or the deal of cards feels like it’s going to increase your winnings more and more. But all streaks, even the best and longest, come to an end at some point and luck can turn at any point. People who experience such a streak early on in their playing session often grow attached to it and refuse to accept the fact that their luck has changed. They continue to take greater and greater risks in hopes of hitting the big win that will restore their winning ways. This can happen whether they are playing in the comfort of their homes on their desktop computers or through the iPad casino at home or elsewhere. But one big advantage you have when you’re playing online or mobile casino games is the ability to control your environment completely. That means you can employ every technique available to reduce stress. And betting experts have found that playing with a cat in your lap is a good way to keep your emotions in check. A purring cat that you stroke while spinning the slots reels has been shown to make you feel more relaxed, and that means you are less likely to be taken over by emotions when you’re playing. That doesn’t mean you’re going to win more, but it’s an edge that can only help.

Diamond in the Sunrise Maze Solution

maze solution for diamond in sunrise maze

When A Maze Dreams for Casino Games

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013
twisted squares casino maze

Maze of twisted Squares – Solution found here

cat roulette animated GIFOnline pokies have evolved over the years to become the most popular of all of the casino games. They are the easiest to play and demand the least attention and effort by the players. In many games players can even opt for the auto play feature that allows the player to pre set the number of spins that the game runs for without the player having to hit spin each time. For cat lovers, this auto play option is a great treat because it means that instead of petting their cat with one hand as they play the online pokies they have two hands free to pet and cuddle their cat. There is nothing so relaxing and enjoyable as playing online pokies, watching the reels turn and the winnings tumble in while cuddling a warm furry creature that oozes love and affection and  is eternally loyal. Players can even choose online pokies games with a cat theme to keep their cat even more contented and of course given him some extra feline company with the images of the different cats spinning around the reels on screen.

What Casino Games Would George Washington and God Play?

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Founding Father vs. All-Father?

drawing of the hand of the lord

Is He A Better Gambler Than You?

In the Epic meeting of the minds … Washington makes God laugh … by telling him his plans

Can you imagine the image of George Washington and God playing a game of dice? Or cards?  Or taking turns pulling the arm on a slot machine?  That would be an image worth a Pinterest pin, wouldn’t you say?

George Washington was a great gambler on the battlefield. He took many risks, which is probably reflective of the day in which he lived. Back then, people couldn’t gamble online. They had to make do with what they had, which usually involved sitting around a table and playing games of chance. Usually, they played it with cards, like playing blackjack or poker. Or sometimes they’d play with dice, like craps or sic bo.

When George Washington wanted to have fun and relax after working hard all day, he probably would sit down and play cards with some very important people over mugs of spiced wine. This probably helped him refine his battle techniques for the revolutionary war, which is why we have such a great and independent country. Imagine if he had been able to refine his techniques with an online casino, the kind you can play anytime.

He probably would have had twice the fun, if not more. We might even have had a country earlier than 1776 because of his time he would have gained from playing online games. That’s the power of playing online games, because it saves you time and effort, which is what everyone wants – even George Washington.


The Cat Correction Contemplation

Monday, July 29th, 2013

angry cat casino artYou’ve got a secret that you aren’t sure whether or not you should share with other people. Many people will think that you’re really crazy with this idea, but you swear that it really works. You’ve been one of those people who has been on every diet imaginable and you’ve never been able to lose the weight that you want to lose. And then you discovered the casino game world and nothing has ever been the same since. See, you like to cuddle with your cat in the morning and play your online pokies games and you like to cuddle after work and play some more online casino games. You used to get up to get yourself a snack in between commercials when you sat on the couch and watched tv with your cat. Now, however, the online pokies games are so exciting that you’ve completely forgotten about food and have not gotten up at all from your gaming. And this means that, each day, you lose a bit more weight and are able to feel even better about yourself. And you can do this while curled up with your cat and while having a blast at something you love to do. What a great combination for you.

Suprised Casino Cat

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

surprised online casino cat factIt’s a really warm day and you’d rather be inside in the air conditioning than outside in the heat. And this certainly makes sense to your cat who prefers to be by your side relaxing and enjoying with you. So, together the two of you sit on your couch or on your swing in the yard and swing away the day with the casino game set that you love. You select to play online pokies most of the time because they have fast action and they are very exciting. These games offer all sorts of ways to enjoy and to try to win. You can even delve into the world of progressive games which are always loads of fun and offer you a way to build even more excitement as you play. You can enjoy everything when you sit with your cat and relax on the swing with the online pokies games that you love. It’s a great day and a wonderful way to stay relaxed and to do something that you love to do. And your cat will meow next to you and enjoy the time in the sun and the time with you, his favourite person.
hanging chad the cat

The Perky Pokies Maze

Monday, July 15th, 2013
maze of perky pokies girl

Perky Pokies Girl Maze

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of daily life online casino gaming may provide the relaxing and invigorating activity that you need. Playing online casino games raises endorphin levels that can put you back on the road to optimistic sanguinity. Professional mental health therapists report that more and more people are turning to counselors because the anxieties that they experience in coping with everyday life has negative physical, emotional and psychological repercussions, creating disruptive sleep patterns, raising blood pressure and making it difficult to maintain healthy family and work relationships. There are numerous alternatives that individuals can adopt to cope with these stresses including watching TV or a good movie, increasing exercise levels or acquiring a cat. The fourth option however, online casino gaming, seems to be the most effective. Playing online casino games raises the “feel good” dopamine and serotonin levels to stabilize heart rates and blood pressure and ensure an overall sensation of calmness and tranquility. The online casino offers a wide range of casino game alternatives which can be enjoyed on public computers and on home desktop or laptop PCs. Mobile users can open the casino on their mobile device and play mobile casino games at any time, from any location.

Midnight Sailing Casino Op Art Maze

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

golden maze of midnight sailingBoth the online casino and the mobile casino offer a comprehensive range of casino games together with a wide choice of secure and easy to use deposit options. These deposit options can be reviewed in the banking section of the casino where they are also explained. Amongst the options offered players will find credit and debit cards together with third party deposit options to choose. The third party deposit options are detailed with direct links to the websites of each where players can register online in real time and immediately start depositing money into their new accounts which can then be transferred directly to their casino account. Each and every transaction to the casino is totally encrypted and secure but if the player is slightly nervous about transferring money then maybe he should keep his cat close by as he is transferring the money which will keep him calm and less anxious. In no time at all the money will be in his account and he can enjoy the casino games offered at either the mobile casino or the online casino while still having his cat by his side.

Cats, Mazes and Casinos

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Yanito Freminoshi maze of the statue of libertyCats are and have been integral to human society for thousands of years. That’s because cats are a great way to relax and enjoy yourself. Cats give us the attention that we desperately need in our daily lives. Cats give us something which few other pets give us: the ability to have that love and attention on our lap while we try to relax after a long day at work. And that’s why cats are so popular and always have been. But we enjoy ourselves in many other ways, such as by playing games. One reason the iPad is so popular is that it gives us the access to those games in ways we could never think of before. It’s a bit of a technological marvel to sit down on your couch and play your favorite iPad casino games while petting your cat. Imagine what it was like a few years ago when you couldn’t do that. We’ve come so far technologically, but we still need the love and attention that humans always needed, because we’re social animals. And when you bond with a cat, your cat becomes a social animal as well. He or she needs your attention just as much as you need love and affection. So when you sit down to play your favorite iPad casino games, why not do that with your cat and see how much better you feel after a long day? It’s a great way to relax and have fun.

iPhone Casino UK Slots

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

animated GIF of kitten entertainmentThe best online casino games offer a huge amount of excitement, especially as you watch the slot reels or roulette wheel spin or the cards get dealt. In that moment, just before you find out if your bet is winner, you get to experience the full range of emotions that go with playing for real money. But while riding an emotional roller coaster can be exhilarating, it often leads to poor decision making, especially in how you place your bets and how you handle risk. This is true if you’re playing in the online casino on your desktop computer or at the iPad casino. But in either case, you can mitigate the effect of your emotions with one simple technique – playing with a cat in your lap that you can stroke while playing the games and hearing it purring beside you.  While holding a cat while you play won’t guarantee you bigger winnings, it can help you stay on top of your emotions so that you can draw on your intuitive feeling for just how much luck you have on any given day. That means you’re more likely to make better bets based on a relatively clear-headed assessment of your situation rather than an emotional hijacking that causes you to take unnecessary risk. Best of all, if you’re playing at the iPad casino, you can even bond with your cat by letting it press the controls on your touch screen in some of the simpler games.
cat superhero of steel

Super hero Kitty

Monday, June 24th, 2013

kitten super hero on ipad casino carpetUnlike dog owners, those who own cats must constantly think of ways to interact with their pets. Dogs need to go for walks. They like to play ball or catch a frisbee. These things are completely unnecessary and foreign to cats. Many cats are fine being left alone. But the fact is that they do crave the right attention. No, they don’t want to play fetch. But what cat doesn’t like to be stroked sitting on his owners lap? What cat does not like to be a part of what his owner is doing. Even watching television or playing online casino games can be enjoyable if you work the cat in. For example, play casino games on your iPad. The reason is that there are no buttons that need to be clicked when playing iPad casino games. There are no control of any kind that require a human touch. The iPad screen is touch sensitive. That means that even a cat’s paw can operate it. Take a simple game like slots. Once a bet is set, the only action required is that someone taps the spin tab. Well that can be your cat. Even with your help, the cat will enjoy watching the reels spin, especially if he knows that he is the reason they are moving. And cats do know when they have won.