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Maze Potion Puzzlillusion Magic

Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
maze of the magic potion from So Much Sushi online slots game
Magic Potion Maze Puzzlillusion | SOLVED


VIP-CasinoOnce you have made it to the VIP casino the fun will really start. Even though only a very small percentage of players will be invited to join the VIP club, those that are lucky enough to enter will experience the online casino on a whole new level. The privileges that are awarded to players at the VIP club include a dedicated VIP support team who are available around the clock to deal with any issues or questions the player may have, exclusive promotional events, higher withdrawal limits and customized vacation packages. The VIP club is a whole new level within the loyalty club and the members of the club are really a cut above the rest.

Online Blackjacks

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

top of the world, cat op artGamblers have traveled to brick-and-mortar casino sites for hundreds of years. Blackjack has been a casino staple since the 18th century where it became a casino favorite from the moment that it was introduced. Players have always enjoyed a quality gaming experience at land-based casinos though outlays of time and money limited the casino fun to those who could spare that kind of money. Today the online casino provides the same sense of exhilarating thrills to millions of gamers from throughout the world. Players can access any of their favorite blackjack variations when they play at the Download Casino including Perfect Pairs Blackjack, High Streak Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack and Triple 7s Blackjack. Each exciting version of the game offers a new challenge with varying options for multi-hand play, doubling down, taking our insurance or holding the dealer to a specific set of rules. All of the blackjack games however present multiple opportunities for gamers to settle down with their cat and join the blackjack competition to the lulling sounds of the cat’s purrs and the blackjack game’s shouts of excitement and applause. Some gamers take up the blackjack hobby because their medical professional has directed them to relax for their health. The soothing and calming effects of gaming are, many players feel, more effective than the pharmaceuticals that are often prescribed to help people relieve the pressures of everyday life. The online casino offers gamers the opportunity to play online blackjack at any time of the day or night at its 24/7 venue.

Purrrrrfect Casino Partner

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

leap ready kitten casino catThey’re called the casino cats, but you won’t find them in any land-based casino. In fact, you can’t even get in the door of a land-based casino with one of these cats. But when it comes to playing online casino games, these animals are more useful than a seeing eye dog taking his owner through an obstacle course. That’s because studies have shown that petting a cat while playing online casino games can actually help a player remain focused and in control. Unlike playing real money casino games — which can elevate heart rate and adrenal glands, petting a cat helps set the pulse back to a normal range. When you are in the middle of a close game with high stakes, you want something to help you keep calm. A land-based casino might offer you a free drink. But that’s because they are not that interested in helping you keep calm. They want you to get emotional and make mistakes. They would rather keep their money. But at home, you can put down the gin and tonic and pick up the cat instead. This will actually help you calm down and stay in control. And unlike the land-based casino, your cat wants you to win. She wants you to be happy and buy that brand new scratching post. She wants the gourmet cat food that you always tell her is too expensive. So use the casino cat method and play to your heart’s content only online.

Casino Licker – Meow Kitten

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

casino font for the letter LAs with all of the Jackpot Factory Group casinos, the Wild Jack Casino offers players a great customer support service that is available all hours of the night and day. The variety of support options that are available at the Wild Jack Casino include email options, live chat and also toll free phone options. All of the support staff at the Wild Jack Casino are both personable and helpful. Having a responsive and polite customer support team is crucial to the success of the online casino and greatly enhances the player’s casino experience. The major casino functions such as customer support and banking are usually the make or break of the online casino. As well as a great customer support team, Wild Jack Casino also offers the player a great range of different banking options so that every player is sure to find a payment method to suit his needs.  Of course the casino also needs to offer a great selection of casino games and at the Wild Jack Casino the player is giver a great variety of casino games to choose from. The game of blackjack is particularly emphasized at the casino and the player is able to try his hand at many different blackjack varieties that are not typically offered by many online casinos.

Online Roulette the casino game

Monday, January 14th, 2013


Square to bet for online casinoThe Australian online casino offers a wide range of high quality online casino games for both professional and amateur gamblers. The casino presents multiple versions of blackjack and roulette along with options for gamers to choose either European roulette or American roulette. Other casino games which are available at the Internet Casino in Australia include scratch cards and keno lotteries, baccarat and bingo. In addition, pokies players will find the widest variety of online pokies options at the casino including slower-paced three reel classic pokies and five reel video pokies with themes that range from adventure and action to romance, intrigue and mystery. The Australian web casino is open 24/7 to enable gamers to sign in at any time of the day or night and play for real money prizes. The Australian casino also operates a support line to assist gamers by phone or email with any questions about the games, banking or casino promotions.

Pokies and Online Slots

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

rotation casino art
Whether you’re a blackjack expert or just a beginner looking to gain some experience in the game, you’ll love playing iphone blackjack on your mobile phone. Besides offering a quality mobile blackjack experience, the iphone casino also gives players the best user experience they can get on a mobile phone. Since you can play the game though your Internet browser without downloading any apps to your phone, you have the advantage of always having the game accessible, even while you use the phone’s other functions, like checking your email or reading news updates or even making phone calls. Just open a browser tab to your favorite casino site and leave it open all day. Then you can come back to it any time the mood strikes or you have a few spare minutes for a few blackjack hands. And with html5 casino games, you get the smoothest playing experience.

iPad Casino – The best mobile casino yet.

Monday, November 5th, 2012

The ipad casino is the hottest spot today to enjoy mobile casino games. People love playing at the ipad casino for many reasons. First, the user experience is excellent, allowing users to have a portable and small device, but one that has eye-popping, vivid graphics and great sound effects. It’s easy enough to carry anywhere that you want to go, and yet sturdy enough and large enough to feel like you’re almost carrying a laptop sized device around with you. For these reasons, and many more, the html5 casino is simply the best place to go for all of the ipad casino fun that you want to have today! While more expensive than Android or other tablets – it just might be worth saving that money up so that you can have one of these great devices someday. Get more from your hard earned money with the ipad casino.
chatting on the mobile phone

To Mars and Beyond

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Perfect Pairs blackjack is the perfect blackjack challenge for novice players and veteran players alike. Perfect Pairs Blackjack is both easy and interesting. It is similar to traditional blackjack but additional betting and payout options offer extra opportunities to earn real money. Perfect Pairs Blackjack is played with four or six decks of cards and all bets are laid before the first cards are dealt. Gamers can make an additional side bet as to whether the first two cards will be a “perfect pair” — two cards of the same value or color. Payouts are based on the cards. A mixed pair — two cards of the same value but different suits and colors — is paid as 6:1; a colored pair — two cards of different suits but the same color — is paid as 12:1 and a perfect pair — two cards of the same color and the suit — is paid as 25:1

cartoon of the mars rover curiosity on the red planet

Maybe You Need an Online Casino

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

The online casino was born out of the realization that casino lovers did not always have the time or energy to go to a land based casino but still wanted to enjoy the casino games. The online casino is considered a leisure activity where players can enjoy real casino games for real money in addition to playing the games for fun or practice. It does not cost anything to join an online casino and as a new player that places real money bets, there are many benefits which the player can enjoy. New players receive a choice of a number of exciting and rewarding bonuses and promotions that are designed to enhance and contribute to each player’s experience, these range from cash giveaways to bonus payouts and even special competitions and tournaments where players pay little or no entry fee with the chance to win big prizes.
spot marked by a psychedelic trippy looking X type of shape

Online Blackjack Spade Calling

Sunday, July 29th, 2012
correct spade calling in blackjack online

Always better to call a spade a spade - if that is what it is.

The game of online Blackjack is one of the only casino games where the player can make a real difference in the game. At every step of the game, the decisions of the player will affect the final outcome of the game. Many blackjack games can be played for fun or practice before players place the real money bets. Playing for fun or practice gives the players a chance to get to know the game, and work out the best strategy that fits their own personal vision. Playing for fun or practice also helps players to familiarize themselves with the different names used in the game and of course with the casino in general. By playing for fun players can also work out their own strategy cards and keep them close by for when they begin to play the real money games.

Getting it on with online blackjack

Monday, July 23rd, 2012
lady bugs are good luck, so bring them to a casino

Ladybug luck for your online blackjack games

You’ve decided that you love blackjack at the casino and you want to start playing online blackjack. Where do you begin? To play real money online blackjack, you’ll be happy to know that you have many choices. You can do a quick search online and you’ll quickly see that there are many places where you can play blackjack. Each of these sites offers at least one type of online blackjack, but some of them might actually have ample choices. Look at a few of the sites that come the most recommended and get a feel for them. Look at the strategy tips that you already know and think about where you’d be most comfortable playing real money blackjack. You might want to ask around to some of your friends as well to get a fee for where they most enjoy playing and where they’ve had the best experience. And then get started and enjoy today!

Online blackjack shuffle, every turn, every hand

Online Blackjack has way more deck shuffles