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Maze of Terrorfied Cat

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014
golden frightened cat of gold maze

Maze of Golden Fright Cat | Maze Solution Here

Are there advantages to using prime numbers to solve mazes or other mathematically based gaming such as roulette? It’s a great question. But the answer is not simple. Prime numbers can only be achieved by themselves. In other words, unlike composite numbers — which are based on combination of other whole numbers, the prime numbers stand on their own. So if the maze involves achieving a numerical result through combining numbers, then relying on primes would be a bad move. However, in a game like roulette, there is a statically equally chance of any number being the one called. Even the zero space has the same probability as a numbered space. So you can see how an excessive reliance on prime numbers will not convey an advantage when gaming similar types of games. However, here’s the catch. It does not have a disadvantage either. And if the probability is the same, then you do need a way to make sure that your decisions are consistent. If you pick a seven every round, it should come up within thirty-six spins (thirty-seven with the versions that have a double zero space.) So picking only prime numbers gives you a variety but also a way to keep track of your picking history. That is why despite the statistical equality, you will find gamers who use the strategy of only using prime numbers for roulette, mazes, and other mathematical based games. It really is more a personality driven equation than anything that can be scientifically proven. And you can try out the method on all sorts of games that have a mathematical basis and can involve the selection of prime numbers or composites. Think of it this way: if a game has ten possible outcomes that are numbered sequentially, then there is a forty percent chance that the outcome will be prime. So in most, but not all cases, the answer will be composite. And this factor increases if there are more than ten possible outcomes. The bottom line is that the more possibility, the less a chance that a prime number will be selected. So keep in mind that you may even want to pick the outcome that is NOT based on a prime number. But trial and error is the best method to determine whether you should use such a strategy or not.

Always bet on Prime (numbers)

Sunday, October 27th, 2013
primaze maze of prime number 53

Maze of prime number 53 maze artwork – Find the maze solution here

You’ve always had a hard time getting up in the morning. Some people just jump out of bed and are ready for the day, but the rest of us have to creak and moan a bit before we really get going. And that’s ok because you’ve created a routine banner for online casinothat lets you eventually get up and get moving. And it’s a fun one. First, you turn on your light by your bed and enjoy a crossword puzzle from the newspaper. You also add in a maze that you enjoy doing each morning from a site that you love online. These two activities get your mental powers going and allow you to start to wake up and focus. Without these activities and without the maze you just feel lost in the morning. Now, once you’ve gotten your brain going a bit, it’s time for some great roulette. You flip open your laptop and do your daily gaming. And you use prime numbers to enjoy the roulette game. You’ve always had a thing for math and prime numbers have a type of magic to them that you’ve never seen with any other numbers. You have ten prime number options and this is certainly enough to figure out what you want to do for roulette. It’s a great way to create consistently and a pattern in the gaming experience you have and to start the day off on the right foot before you head out there into the big wide world.