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Pokies and Other Casino Games at the Australian Online Casino

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Online Casinos

The banking methods available to any online casino player cater to the individual needs of the casino games players. When you land on any of the many online gambling websites, you’ll notice that there are many opportunities to enjoy slots, blackjack, roulette and many other online casino games. The sites list the many online banking methods that they offer and you can then select the online casino banking method that best suits your needs, setup, and convenience. These methods include everything from vouchers that create complete anonymity to third party programs that allow you to tap right into your already existing bank account with full trasnperancy. All of this makes it possible for you to get to the casino games that you enjoy quickly and to have fun playing. And that, of course, is the whole point of the online casino site! It’s more fun to play when you know your money is in good hands and your identity is fully secure.

Amongst the casino games that players can enjoy at an online casino are a fine range of table games. Table games have been the most popular of the casino games for many years and now thanks to online casinos are much more accessible to every type of player with every level of budget. Table games used to be only for the players that are called high rollers with large budgets, at the land based casinos. Today, players can find a wide range of table games at the online casino that do not demand high coin values. From Roulette to Blackjack, Craps and even Three Card Poker, there is a wide range of choice of table games. The games can be viewed online and players can also benefit from tips and strategies offered by the online casino to help them achieve the best results in the game.

The Different Types of Slots

The Australian online casino is an accepted addition for Australian online casino lovers who enjoy pokies and other great online casino games. Pokies are what the Australians often refer to as slot machines and can be made up of three reel slots, five reel slots and progressive slots.  Australian online casinos offers a terrific range of slot machines that include every theme and style with clear and colorful graphics together with excellent playing sounds to accompany the game experience. Thunderstruck is one of the most popular pokies. It is a five reel nine payline slots game where Thor, the god of Thunder, rules over the world with an iron fist. There are wilds and free spins to be won in this graphic rich game together with generous payline-multipliers. Thunderstruck also offers an auto play option where Australian players can preset the number of spins that they want the game to run for consecutively. These variations make the games very appealling to most users in a way that is very friendly to the players and still provides everyone with what they wanted.

fun and fuzzy pokie

The fun and fuzzy Steampunk Pokie

Flash and Mobile Online Casinos in Australia

One of the beauties of many of the online casinos in Australia is that they offer both a flash version (instant casino) of the casino together with the downloadable version. A flash version of the casino means that players can play directly from the web browser of the casino without having to download the casino or game. In the vast country of Australia this also means that players can access the casinos and games from a remote computer and are not limited to one computer only. Many of the most popular games including a good selection of pokies and table games are available to play at the flash casino. The Australian online casino also provides links to mobile casino. A mobile casino offers a selection of the popular pokies and table games that can be played on the mobile phone or hand held device by downloading the casino or playing through the web browser of the casino with 3G technology.

Local Australian Online Casino Advantages

At the Australian online casino local players receive a number of advantages that without a doubt contribute to a much better all round experience at the casino. These include being able to place bets in the local currency the Australian Dollar. By placing bets in AUD, local Australian online casino players are not wasting any time or money in currency exchanges and can immediately start placing bets on pokies and other casino games. Another advantage at the local Australian online casinos is that

The slot machine dazzles the eyes like an optical illusion

The slot machine dazzles the eyes like an optical illusion

there are a number of secure and easy to use deposit options for local players. Apart from credit cards and debit cards, players can also make use of local secure deposit options such as POLi which is a third party deposit option linked directly to local banks and acts as a secure way to transfer money to the online casinos.

The online casino is not just another website but it is a whole community that offers games, support, bonuses and promotions together with history lessons, sports lessons and sometimes even some political hints. At the online casino players can enjoy a fantastic range of online slots together with other casino games that are designed especially for the online gambling forum. The online slots include all sorts of themes from sports to history to fantasy where players can choose what suits them best. Table games include all of the popular casino games that can be found at a land based gambling house, from Roulette to Blackjack to Baccarat. These games can be played for real money or for fun and players can enjoy a wealth of special offers, promotions and all round customer satisfaction with great support and full security.

Australian Customer Service and Support

At the Australian online casinos, players can receive around the clock customer service and support via the toll free numbers for local Australian players together with live chat options and eveplus point at the online casinos. 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and 366 days in a leap year. The customer service and support is really what sets a good casino apart from the rest. By knowing that their winnings will be dished out, and that if there are any technical or other problems, the casino player knows that someone will be able to help them if they need the help.

Bonuses and Promotions at the Australian Online Casino

Email addresses for different departments. It is so important for local players to know that they have someone they can call or contact at any time of the day or night if a query comes up or they just need some advice for one of the slot machines. Australians love good customer service and this is definitely a plus point at the online casinos.

Bonuses and Promotions at the Australian Online Casino

Another area in which the Australian online casino excels above the rest is when it comes to promotions and bonuses for existing and new casino players. Australians, like everyone,  prefer to feel that they are getting a good bargain and something extra for all their effort and loyalty to their favorite online casinos. Apart from generous sign up bonus offers the Australian online casino offers a wide range of additional bonuses and promotions that include weekly bonuses, seasonal promotions, comp points, loyalty clubs and even tournaments. Most of the tournaments are based around the pokies games but some online casinos also offer poker and blackjack tournaments. The tournaments are a great way for players to familiarize themselves with different games but at lower cost. Most tournaments require a small entry fee and offer the potential to win huge amounts of money with the jackpots that are offered to the finalist and top winners.

Why Choose an Australian Online Casino

In summary, the Australian online casino is just like all the other online casinos but with one or two exceptions that work in favor of the Australian players. Being able to place bets in the local currency the Australian Dollar is a big advantage together with knowing that there is local customer service available all day and night every day, only a phone call away. Local deposit options that are not only secure but have been proved time and time again are another advantage offered at the Australian online casinos and this together with the generous promotions make the Australian online casinos even more popular. Because Australia is so vast the idea of being able to log into the slot machines and other games from any computer around the country not only entices players but provides a totally convenient option. And now with the influx of mobile casinos as part of the online casinos in Australia access to popular pokies and other casino games has become even easier. Australia has one of the only governments in the world that supports online gambling, albeit in a roundabout way, but this support has helped the Australian online casino develop and become the winning formula that is offered today.

jolt of winning slot machine electricity

Artists rendition of the winning jolt inside an electronic slots machine casino game at an online casino

The Early Days of the Slot Machine

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Few people who play slots today know about the early history of the slot machine. Originally, slots were essentially automated poker machines. Then they became advanced.

The Early Days of Slot Machines

Today, one can play slots all over the place. There are slot machines that dominate every land-based casino around the world. Even more popular is the world of the

optical illusion of the daze from slots machine playing

The daze of the slot machine

online slot machines, with people logging in to play some pokies at all times of the day and night. These slots have come a long way from the original slot machines. One would hardly recognize those early machines as slots. But the slot machine had to start somewhere, and it did in San Francisco in the shop of Mr. Charles Fey in 1885.

Charles Fey’s Miracle Machine

Charles Fey did not set out to build the world’s first slot machine. His goal was to make the original pokies easier and more fun to use. While there were no slot machines before Fey, they were a few pokies. This is where the term pokies comes from. The original pokies were machines with which one could play a hand of poker. The playing cards were all strapped to five wooden drums. When a player deposited a coin, he was allowed to pull a lever that set the drums in motion. His hand would be whatever cards were showing when the drums stopped turning. It was a way of playing poker without a dealer to distribute the cards. However, there was a problem with these pokies. Since the players were not competing against each other, the way to win was simply to have a winning poker hand like a flush, straight, or full house. But with so many possibilities, there was no way that these crude slots could handle different payoff amounts. It was absolutely necessary to have different pay off amounts. Otherwise, a pair of three would pay the same as a Royal Straight. That just didn’t make sense. So Charles Fey came along and found a way to solve the problem of these original slot machines.

The Liberty Bell Machine

What Fey did was simplify the slot machines. Instead of using a whole deck of cards, he just used the four suits plus a picture of a liberty bell. You won the jackpot if all

Steampunk of the liberty bell slots

Steampunk replication of Liberty Bell Slots Machine

five drums showed a liberty bell card. While the game worked, it was no longer really a poker game. It was now a true slot machine. It was named after the slot where one would put coins to place a bet. These slots would store up the coins until someone hit a jackpot and they would all be released. These slot machines proved to be irresistible and soon you could play a slot machine is every major city. They were not all Liberty Bell machines though. Once everyone saw how popular the slots were, people started copying Fey’s idea. They would name the new slot machines OperaSlots and tor Bell and Freedom Bell machines. In Australia, people were used to calling them pokies so they kept on doing so although the games were no longer based on poker. Soon, every bar, saloon, and house of prostitution was sporting a slot machine. And that’s where the problems started.


The slots were by no means the target of the Prohibition movement. Drinking and prostitution were. However, since slots seemed to be connected with both institutions, they got a bad reputation from Prohibition’s proponents. In many states, laws were passed that attempted to ban these early slot machines. The problem for those who were against slots was how to define a slot machine. They ended up banning games that produced a cash reward. The way the owners of the slots got around this was by simply having their slot machines pay out in goods and prizes rather than cash. A popular winning item was a cigar. If the winner wanted, he could exchange this cigar for actual cash. As long as the machine did not directly pay out a cash reward, it was considered legal. If someone was playing the pokies and came very close to winning the big jackpot yet failed, people would say that he was “close, but no cigar.” To this very day, many people use the expression without having any idea that it came from the early days of the slot machine. Yet another reason why slot machine history can be helpful.

The Worldwide Spread of Slot Machines

In the days after the First World War, slot machines started popping up all around the world. It seemed to be an idea escape from the horrors of the war. With so many people out of work and out of money, slots seemed to be one option where a single coin and some good luck could reverse someone’s fortune. In Europe, Asia, South America, and parts of Africa, you could find a casino which hosted dozens and even more of the slot machines. Meanwhile, in the United States, Las Vegas and Atlantic City were becoming the global capital of the slot machine. Although gambling was still not legal in Atlantic City, the law was largely ignored and people came from all over to play the slots. Since it was close to both New York City and Philadelphia, it drew large crowds from those two cities of people who had heard about the new pokies and wanted to try their luck. When Ballys in Las Vegas started building electric slot machines, the whole experience changed. The ability of the slot machine to reward huge jackpots was enhanced and the slots game playing experience became faster and more exciting as the lever was replaced in many cases by an electric spin button that would turn the reels of the slots. The age of the slot machine had begun, and soon few people remembered the original Charles Fey Liberty Bell machines or the cigar rewarding slots of the Prohibition era. But that is indeed where slots began and where the early history of the slot machine begins. Think about that next time you are playing online slots on your smart phone.

slot reels in steam punk

Steampunk Slot Reels Spinning MAchine


A bit more on the topic of online casinos

At the online casino apart from the rich list of online slots and other online gambling games, players are also looking for support and service. One of the most important aspects of the support and service when playing real money games is the banking section. This involves how to deposit money in order to play the endless real money games and also how to receive winnings i.e. withdraw money. In the banking section of the online casino, players can learn about the different banking options offered and which currencies they accept together with the time it takes for each deposit to clear. With today’s technology most if not all of the deposit options for gambling offer instant access to money. In order to protect personal and financial information, many players choose a third party banking option where they can store their money before passing to the casino and their personal and financial information is kept safe. Other deposit options include credit cards and debit cards and electronic cash deposit options.

Today many of the casino games offered at an online casino can be played instantly. Instant play is also known as flash play and it offers players the chance to play directly from the web browser of the online casino without having to download the casino or games. All of the services of the casino are also available in this way and the range of games is excellent. For new players this is also a great way to try out the games before committing to them with no need to download them either. The range of games offered is very good and because there is no heavy download the graphics, sound and color of the games is outstanding together with the actual gaming activities. Together with the flash or instant casinos, many online casinos are now also offering mobile casino games that can be played directly via the web browser of the casino through the Smartphone.

Slot Machine History – With Steampunk Illustrations

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Slots Machine Options

Worldwide, slot machines are one of the most lucrative and accepted form of gaming. In America gamers refer to a slots competition as a “slots machine” while in Canadaplayers often call it “the slots.” British players label the game as a “fruit machine” and in New Zealand and Australia the players describe playing “pokies” or playing pokies on a “poker machine.” Whatever the name, players enjoy the suspense that a good slots game offers. These exciting games offer plenty of additions that heighten the anticipation with extra free spins, scatters, bonuses and multipliers. All of these extras add to the slots game’s suspense as gamers play for real money.

Steampunk Slot Machine
Steampunk Slot Machine – Pokies on Steam Power.

Beginning of Slots

Most people credit Pitt and Sittman as having built the original slots machine in New York in 1891. The machine had five drums which displayed a succession of poker hands but the machine did not include any type of playback mechanism. Venues which placed these early machines in their establishments featured prizes in the form of drinks, cigars or other rewards which the owners could easily provide and which pleased the players.

In 1895 Charles Fey invented the first mechanical slots machine which he called the “Liberty Bell.” Fey was a car mechanic in San Francisco. He wanted to build a machine that would answer the problem of how to create a machine that could make an automatic payout for any possible winning combination. Fey built his Liberty Bell slots machine with three spinning reels and he painted symbols on each reel. The symbols included the diamond, spade and heart symbols along with a picture of the Liberty Bell with its crack showing. Fey envisioned that his machine would solve the question of how to pay automatic payouts.

Fey’s first slot machine was made from over 100 pounds of cast iron. Spins that resulted in the appearance of three Liberty Bells provided the largest payoff. There were no fruit symbols which became common in slot machines later on, but in addition to the card suit symbols and the Liberty Bell the machine displayed stars and horseshoes. The grand payout on that first slots machine was ten nickels — fifty cents, a substantial sum of money in that period.

Fey also invented the trade check separator which he incorporated into the Liberty Bell slots. The trade check separator had a detecting pin which was able to distinguish fake slugs or nickels from real coins, an obvious necessity to allow the machine’s owner to ensure coin verification. Saloons and bars rented the Liberty Bell slots machine from Fey at a 50-50 split of the profits. Most of Fey’s machines were destroyed in the 1905 San Francisco earthquake but today interested individuals can see Fey’s first Liberty Bell slot machine at the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno which is presently owned by Fey’s descendents.

The success of the Liberty Bell slots machine gave rise to an increased demand and by the early 20th century, new inventors were examining ways in which they could build on the Liberty Bell’s winning strategy. In 1907 a Chicago manufacturer of arcade machines, Herbert Mills, began to manufacture a facsimile of Fey’s Liberty Bell. He called his machine “Operator Bell” and he incorporated fruit symbols — lemons, cherries and plums — into his paylines. These symbols later became an industry standard. Reels on Mills’ slot machines were spun by side levers which activated the spin when pulled. There were three reels on these early slots machines and when any one symbol lined up on all three reels, the machine dispensed a payoff in coins.

Gaming was considered illegal in most of the United States during those years and gambling laws made it difficult for slot machine owners to operate their machines. A number of slot machine owners circumvented these laws by offering candy and gum as slots prizes.

Slot Machines Become Electro-Mechanical

In 1963 the Bally Manufacturing Corporation developed the first serious slots innovation since Herbert Mills’ Operation Bell slots machine. The Bally electromechanical slot machines had a bottomless hoppers and automatic payouts of up to 500 coins, eliminating the need for a machine attendant and reducing the possibilities of cheating. This machine, named the “Money Honey” quickly gained popularity among both players and gambling venues. From that point on pokies machines with levels became obsolete.

Slots machines were first introduced to Las Vegas in the ’40s at the Flamingo Casino. The continuing expansion of Las Vegas casinos spurred the 1976 development of the first video slot machine which was developed at the Fortune Coin Company of Las Vegas. The new slots machine, called “Big Bertha” was built using a 19-inch Sony Trinitron color receiver and mounted in a full size cabinet. It was powered by a five-horsepower electric motor and had eight reels of 20 symbols each. Gamers deposited dollars and half-dollars when playing Big Bertha pokies. The Nevada State Gaming Commission approved the machine and these video slots were acquired by other downtown Las Vegas casinos where they quickly became a popular attraction for the visiting casino gamers.

Pokies and Microchips

Selfdealing pokie machine
The Self Dealing Steampunk Pokie Machine

In addition to Big Bertha, the seventies saw the increased usage of random number generators and microchips to determine the reels’ spins. Pokies continued to advance with the development of the microchip and by the 80’s all casinos used microchip-powered slots. For both the casinos and the players, the advantages were significant. Casino profits rose because it was much cheaper to manufacture these new slot machines. Computerized slot machines featured more reels and the microchip’s random number generator directed the computer program. Flat top slot machines offered a predetermined payout for various combinations while progressive slots jackpots grew according to the amount of coins played and their value. Other changes included the jackpot which, in progressive slots, could be won by any slot in the group. Progressive slots also featured readouts which showed the player’s current jackpot total.

Land-based casinos today operate machines which players can operate with quarters or dollars although other slots game options exist including deluxe editions that play off $100 dollar bills and simple nickel pokies. Some casino slots machines allow players to play more than one coin at a time and others offer multiple paylines.

Online Slots

The biggest change in pokies play since the 1980s is the development of the online casino with its online slots options. In 1994 Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act which opened the way for licenses to be granted to online operations. Online software providers such as Microgaming and Cryptologic were soon established. ICI Internet Casinos Inc., the first Internet casino, opened in 1995, providing online slots experiences for people who wanted slots entertainment and excitement while gaming from the comfort of their own home.

New online slots options continued to emerge in conjunction with the development of the Internet. Gamers approached online casinos with trepidation at first. They were wary of the casinos’ commitment to fair and secure gaming and were skeptical about the veracity of online banking transactions. Regulatory bodies such as the Kahnawake Commission and eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) were established to ensure that online casinos were supervised by internationally accredited player protection standards organizations. Once players learned that they could rely on these agencies to oversee online casinos, the online casino world began to flourish.

In 1996 Microgaming sold their Internet casinos and started to focus on Internet casino technologies. They began to offer themed pokies which proved to be a big success among online players. The technology of Microgaming’s slots software has continued to develop over the years. Today Microgaming creates online slots in download and Flash (online play) versions.

Online casinos were forced to pull out of the American market after the passage of the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act 2006 (UIGEA) which forbade the transfer of money from American banking institutions to online casinos. However players from other regions including Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand continue to enjoy the competition and excitement of online slots.

Mobile Slots

The newest development for slots players is the introduction of mobile slots. Players with personal handheld mobile devices are no longer tied to their desktop or laptop

portable and mobile steam punk slots game
The Portable Steampunk Slot Machine

computers when they want to play slots. Many online casinos have opened up a mobile casino which allows players to play their favorite slots game any time and in any place that they have an Internet connection. Mobile slots players can play their slots games by downloading the mobile casino or playing directly online. Players have all of the same convenient banking options, casino promotions and casino support for mobile pokies as they have at the online casino but have the added option of playing directly online their personal smartphone or downloading the mobile casino into their WAP mobile phone.

Message on Internet Gambling

The fun of internet gambling continues as more online slots are released by the online casino every week. It is no wonder that online gambling has taken off as the latest slots feature incredible themes and huge jackpots. What people really like is that with the mobile online casino websites, they can play their favorite games from anywhere and they can play at any time. As long as you have an internet connection on your smart phone of mobile, you can play real money games including the latest slots. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, the play is realistic, exciting, and fun. But what people really want is the chance to earn huge money prizes that are available if you get lucky playing one of these games. Any spin can be a big winner with these games.